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Living with cancer means bucket lists scare me - so I have a 'Living List' instead

I don’t like bucket lists, they scare me... to me, they sound like death is imminent and you need to cram in all your hopes and dreams before your time is up. So I’ve made up my ‘LIVING LIST’ instead: things I’d like to achieve throughout my (hopefully) long and lucky life...

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My daughter is my secret weapon against cancer - there's no way I'm leaving her

I’m Roisin Pelan, I’m 37 and I’ve been on treatment for breast cancer for five years. I want to scream it from the motherfucking rooftops... EARLY DETECTION CAN GIVE PROTECTION. I’m new here and I intend on staying for the long haul. I’m in the Cancer Club and unfortunately, I’m going to be in it for the rest of my (very long) days. I was 32 when I was first diagnosed - plodding through the crappest pregnancy known to man. The icing on the cake? A 5cm lump in my left breast. Hurrah! I worked as a medical secretary in the Oncology department...

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When I was told I was going to die, there was just one thing in my heart - hope.

Where do I begin? Hope is one of the strongest emotions I harbour. I live my life daily with hope in my heart that I’ll continue to be here for my children and my family and my friends. (and of course for myself). When I was told I was going to die, my first thoughts, in fact hardly any of my thoughts were for myself. They were of course for my baby, my poor parents, my Michael and our amazing family. I know from experience, that friends do grieve horrifically for the loss of someone they loved so much and...

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